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Sweet Almond Oil Skincare
For Naturally Powered Hydration




Introducing sweet almond oil, a skincare ingredient for naturally hydrated skin

Mineral rich sweet almond oil has been used for centuries as a way to replenish the skin whilst infusing it with moisture.

Therefore it’s no wonder that we’ve incorporated this naturally powered ingredient into a selection of our skincare products.

Read on to discover the many benefits of using sweet almond oil as part of your everyday skincare regime.

Why sweet almond oil skincare is good for your skin

Sweet almond oil is naturally mineral, protein and vitamin rich; in particular with Vitamin E, a powerful nutrient and anti-oxidant used to maintain healthy, youthful skin.

Used daily, sweet almond oil infused skincare will help protect your skin against free radical damage, preventing damage to collagen and elastin cells, ensuring your complexion maintains a youthful appearance.

Additionally, sweet almond oil also nourishes micro-damaged skin as it has known anti-inflammatory properties. Our Miracle Facial Oil is enriched with sweet almond oil for a complexion that is protected, hydrated, healed and always radiant.

Furthermore, sweet almond oil is not only a powerful hydrator, but also an effective cleanser. We use this oil in our iconic Thermal Cleansing Balm as it is extremely effective yet gentle at sweeping away impurities lodged within pores – helping to prevent build-up which may lead to breakouts.

Sweet almond oil’s ability to heal, cleanse and hydrated makes it particularly suitable for all skin types whether oily, dry or sensitive as it nourishes the skin without causing further irritation.

How sweet almond oil will transform your skin

Used overtime our sweet almond oil skincare has the power to renew your complexion and improve its overall appearance by...

✓ Provide anti-oxidant defence against free radical damage

✓ Protects collagen and elastin production for youthfully radiant skin

✓ Replenishes skin with moisturise, for a naturally hydrated complexion

✓ Heals and soothes micro-damaged skin with its anti-inflammatory properties

✓ Effectively, yet gently cleanses skin to clear pores whilst preventing and reducing breakouts

Our best sweet almond oil skincare