Welcome to the Budapest Institute

Experience our healing rituals, performed by our specialized therapists, experts in the art of Hungarian facial massage, informed by centuries of curative culture.

Our Budapest Institute is located at Andrássay út 45, Budapest, Hungary 1061

Tel: +36 70 623 4041

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Omorovicza Omorovicza

Our Budapest Institute

Anchored in the heritage of the Omorovicza family, reinterpreting key design cues of the Racz, our flagship Institute brings a modern take on centuries of Curative Culture, distilling Hungarian Healing Rituals into a new temple of skin health.


The Detail

Reflective deep blue resins, natural limestone, and flesh-toned tiling celebrate the colors of the Rácz and recall Hungarian thermal sources. The ironmongery and copper details celebrate our Ottoman heritage and the elemental power of the Earth.


The Experience

The Institute invites visitors to escape time for a moment, to enter a place of awe and peace: ‘We were inspired by Charles Baudelaire in his “Invitation to the Voyage”, “Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté, luxe, calme et volupté.”’


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The Healing Concentrate™

Powering every Omorovicza product is one innovative patented biotech
encapsulation the Healing Concentrate™. This skin delivery system has been
clinically proven to significantly improve skin hydration, elasticity and