At Omorovicza, we’re committed to cultivating beauty through mineral-rich skincare for every skin type. Our uniquely formulated products harness the curative powers of Hungarian healing waters and have been recognised for their transformative effects. Discover our best-selling skincare products, elevate your skincare routine, and achieve nourished, healthier-looking skin. 

Thermal Cleansing Balm

Suitable for all skin types, the perfect first cleanse 

Not recommended for use during pregnancy 

Harnessing the powers of Hungarian moor mud, the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm offers a deep cleansing experience, purifying the skin without stripping away moisture. The best face cleanser for the first step of your double cleanse, this nourishing balm is enriched with Vitamin E-rich sweet almond oil that hydrates and replenishes the skin, while its orange oil scent transforms cleansing into an uplifting self-care ritual. For the optimal cleansing experience remove with our gentle cleansing mitt.  

“Imagine the utter decadence of having a spa treatment on your face every night. Well, with the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, you don’t really have to: it’s right there with the Hungarian thermal water and mud in its ingredients.” – Bruno, Omorovicza customer 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Cleansing Foam

Suitable for all skin types, the perfect second cleanse 

One of our best facial cleansers suitable for all skin types, Omorovicza’s Cleansing Foam has a delicately scented, blue-toned formula. This best-selling, sulfate-free cleanser foams on application, clarifying the skin and removing impurities without stripping away moisture. Enriched with copper gluconate, white lupin extract and apple pectin, Omorovicza Cleansing Foam regulates sebum production and energises the skin, while delivering long-lasting hydration and suppleness. 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Queen of Hungary Mist  

Suitable for all skin types 

The best face toner for sensitive skin, Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist provides a moment of indulgence designed to refresh the skin and lift the spirits. Inspired by the world’s first recorded perfume, made for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in the 14th Century, this rose and neroli scented mist delivers instant hydration, replenishing the skin and helping to improve both firmness and suppleness for a more youthful-looking complexion. 

“This is in the face spray hall of fame for a reason. A true cult classic, [the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist] purifies skin to tackle any oiliness whilst delivering hydrating minerals into the skin. Plus, it smells of delicate rose to instantly calm any stresses.” – Elle Magazine 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Reviving Eye Cream

Suitable for all skin types 

With a lightweight, cucumber scented, hydrating formula Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream is our best eye cream to address puffiness and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Enriched with Vitamin K, arnica and hazelnut peptides, this eye cream firms and refreshes the eye contour to soothe tired eyes.  

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Midnight Renewal Serum

Suitable for all skin types  

Our best night serum to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by sunrise, the Omorovicza Midnight Renewal Serum uses retinal to smooth the complexion, while microalgae works to restore the skin’s natural circadian rhythm and protect against environmental aggressors.

A bottle of Omorovicza Midnight Renewal 30ml A bottle of Omorovicza Midnight Renewal 30ml

Daily Vitamin C

Suitable for all skin types  

A daily dose of this antioxidant-rich Vitamin C serum provides essential protection against environmental aggressors and stimulates collagen production for a brighter, more youthful-looking complexion. Our best face serum for glowing skin, Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C Serum works to hydrate the skin, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and boost elasticity, providing dull, lifeless skin with an even tone and luminous glow.  

“Spiked with hyaluronic acid and sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a highly stable form of Vitamin C), this luxe, milky serum quenches skin as it reverses dullness.” – New Beauty 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Elemental Emulsion

Suitable for all skin types and best for sensitive skin 

This versatile, oil-free emulsion is our best face cream for sensitive skin and can be used as a moisturiser, serum or moisture booster dependent on skin needs. Containing marine extracts and hyaluronic acid, Omorovicza’s Elemental Emulsion delivers long-lasting hydration while controlling shine for mattified, healthy-looking skin.  

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Illuminating Moisturiser

Suitable for dry, combination, sensitive, and normal skin types. 

Our best face cream for a glowing complexion, Omorovicza Illuminating Moisturiser is uniquely formulated with ruby extracts, apple pectin and plum almond oil. This nourishing moisturiser smooths, hydrates and blurs the skin for a more youthful-looking, radiant complexion. 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Rejuvenating Night Cream

With a thick, buttery texture, Rejuvenating Night Cream restores and soothes dry skin overnight.  Hazelnut peptides lend the skin a firmer, plumper appearance and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Carrot and plum almond oils boost collagen production and provide antioxidant defence against free radicals.

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Refining Face Polisher 

Suitable for oily, combination, normal, and dry skin types  

One of our best skincare products, this award-winning, mud-based exfoliator harnesses the curative powers of Hungarian moor mud to purify the skin, while pumice stone buffs away dead skin cells, accelerating cellular turnover. Omorovicza’s Refining Face Polisher uses lactobionic acid  to refine the complexion without irritation while copper gluconate regulates sebum production for clear, bright and smooth-looking skin.  

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Acid Fix

Suitable for oily, combination, and normal skin 

A potent blend of BHA and AHAs Omorovicza Acid Fix exfoliates, brightens and plumps lacklustre complexions. While BHA salicylic acid helps to prevent blemishes, this multi-purpose acid peel and exfoliator helps to dramatically reduce signs of damage caused by sun exposure and environmental stressors revealing younger-looking, luminous skin. Always apply SPF after using acid-based products.  

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Deep Cleansing Mask

Suitable for all skin types, best face mask for oily skin 

Rooted in the transformative powers of Hungarian moor mud and white clay, the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask draws out impurities to clarify congested pores and mattify the complexion. When used as part of a weekly treatment ritual, skin appears clearer, hydrated and more even.  

“You can thank Hungary’s nutrient-rich thermal water for this delight of a mud mask, which is full of calcium and magnesium to help draw out impurities and leave skin feeling fresh and revitalized.”- Vogue 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

Silver Skin Saviour

Suitable for oily, combination and normal skin types, best treatment for blemish-prone skin  

The perfect treatment for blemish-prone skin, the Omorovicza Silver Skin Saviour captures the power of niacinamide and colloidal silver to combat breakouts and reveal a clearer-looking complexion. When used for just 10-15 minutes, this transformative treatment targets blemishes, unclogs pore, brightens, and refines the skin.  

“This Silver Skin Saviour mask is the gold standard when it comes to improving skin texture. Antibacterial colloidal silver and salicylic acid smooth inflamed active blemishes while niacinmide and glucloic acid help to brighten and even existing pigmentation and scarring.” – Elle Magazine 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

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